About us

We're not just seeking to uncover new opportunities across healthcare.
We're working to create them.

Hildred’s role as a reliable, hands-on partner to our portfolio of businesses and their management teams is woven into our DNA. We offer an “in the trenches,” 360º view of the healthcare sector and the individual businesses we invest in, enabling us to drive exponential strategic, operational, and financial value.


We pursue growth equity investments in middle-market healthcare companies.

Hildred seeks opportunities to create value in healthcare companies with revenues of up to $100 million, from scaling businesses to generate earnings growth, promoting strategic and operational improvements, generating business development, and driving multiple expansion.


We Are Here to Serve

We are here to serve–our employees, management teams, investors, and the communities where we operate. We take this responsibility seriously. They come first. And we are committed to their long-term success.


We Aim to Act Ethically and Responsibly, Always

We keep the interests of our stakeholders at the forefront of our decisions. We know our actions define us. We ensure integrity and fairness in all our dealings. We do the right thing and maintain the highest standards of personal accountability and ethical behavior.


We Believe in a Relentless Focus on Excellence

We strive for excellence in everything we do–building great companies, achieving exceptional financial returns for our investor, and serving our employees and their communities, among many other things. Anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well. We work hard, skillfully, and never stop learning and growing as people, professionals, and as a firm.


We are One Team

We have assembled a very talented team of people with a broad range of experience, skills, and traits. Competent leadership and collaboration exponentially increase our effectiveness and productivity.  That’s teamwork. We can accomplish so much more working together than any one of us can working alone.


We strive to be Open, Diverse, and Inclusive

We believe an open, diverse, and inclusive work environment is essential to our success. It makes a us better and more creative at serving and solving problems for our clients. We seek out people from a wide variety of backgrounds at every level of the firm, from entry level to management.  Everyone participates fully in our organization, has a voice, and access to great opportunities.

$0 - $100M


$50 - $250M

Enterprise value

$20 - $75M

Equity investment size

In less than a decade, we’ve created significant value for our portfolio companies—working with founders and leaders to drive innovation and improvements that increase scale and generate earnings growth, promote strategic and operational improvements, and generate business development to drive expansion.